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Entertaining story

   'Do it Better' influences our work from the first ideas, through the entire production, to the final outcome.

   We approach every couple with a personal attitude and we do our best to empathize with their relationship, personalities, mood or characters, so that the video becomes a reflection of them. We want to bring something more, better or amusing to each film.

   Weddings are the best occasions to capture a couples' love and happiness together with their family and friends. All of which is based in a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

   We are more than happy to travel to interesting venues throughout the Czech Republic and foreign countries.


Choose from an existing package or personalized service

Personal experience from start to end

   Our packages are designed to produce a high-quality and professional outcome, which is why we only offer full day recordings.

   If you have any special requests, please let us know about them.


The most popular package for 2015/16 season contains:


     ▪A pre-wedding meeting

     ▪One full day recording from the morning preparations          right up to the evening party

     ▪A 20-30 minute wedding film capturing the whole day

     ▪A 3-5 minutes wedding highlights video

     ▪Delivery of a  FLASH disc, in an original hand            made cover

     ▪Wedding highlights video available on Vimeo, from                where you can share it with your family and friends

  We offer a wide range of other packages and extra services, including "save the date" videos, exclusive "cinema" packages for luxury experience.


  For more details, price list and our availability, please contact us using the contact form, or email us at



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